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Genocide 2002

Genocide from below to Heaven total Armageddon justified,
genocide of all the scum which ride the earth.
Perversion of all Puritans motherfuckers, sodomization of the Holy whores,
RAUM, Angel of all exterminations,
bring us the second Hiroshima this time to unleashed the ultimate Super-Nova!!!

Twisting and turnin' all over again and again' till nothing remains, no more!!!!!!

Genocide of Human kind, total destruction of all Rats, genocide unto God eyes,
total annihilation of the white crap, weak tormented worms, feel our concerto unto
your veins, dance and twist with our razor songs feel our strings through your wrist.
Hear my voice, the knife which is deeply kissing your throat!

More than eleven times, SATAN won't appreciate your existence.
More than eleven generations, will bring gift to your children,
every of them will be gratify of a sharped toy from the father,
after pest and famine will let them discover our dedicated secrets.

Feel the knife which is deeply kissing your throat!!!

All hope of a new delight have been rid away,
my stands in the dark, in the night show me the way,
in emptiness, silence and obscurity, I prevail...
This phantasm has perhaps became reality.

Is it possible that the ultimate genocide has arrived!
Ooooohhhh ! All I want is to see them DEAD, DEAD, DEAD!!!

Feel the knife which is deeply cut in your throat!!!


Genocide 2002 / Enthroned

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