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Spheres Of Damnation

So many years i've been following the path of my damned lord, in each of
his wills and toughts
i've raised my sword. Faithful children of the mighty, i am spoken avenger
swearing in his
forgiven name, to pull-down our traitors, bloody liars!!! as weak they
are, as strong they think
to be... but already dead they are! in my journey through the dark i've
learn from the one!!!

The war against losers will arrive finally... those masked behind their
"own" darkness will be
crushed without doubt by the burnings from thy throne.

Betrayer you whom infiltrate our hatred fulfilled world, will your own
knowledge be strong enough
to face our score, "No one can pretend to be a son of our lord, just by the
meaning of a few
humanized words! you belong to him away!!! Burn! Miserable rats! Burn!!!

In nomine dei nostri SATANAS, sanctus dominus...
In nomine dei nostri SATANAS, animus vocatur...
In nomine dei nostri SATANAS, christus trepidum...



Spheres Of Damnation / Enthroned

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