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Vilkermord, Der Anitgott

For all totured souls down there, listen.I'm the Satanic spirit who commands all
the Romans, the cruel ones, to crucify the bastard Christ, when the eagle of Rome
persecute God's children, I had drunk their blood and raped their daughters.

For all tortured souls, down there listen.I'm the hatred who to the slaves of Evil,
the blinded ones to crush the holy son, when the industries of inferno burnt the
children of God, I had breath their ashes and vomit war out.


I'm the invincible force, who command to your leaders, the unholy ones who shall
set the world on fire, when the nuclear sword rape the earth from part to part, Ishall
see the flames of impurity and smell the stench..Of thousands millions
martyrs their ashes shall be blast by the storm to form black clouds and cover the sun.
A dead cold planet is all that shall remains and let my spirit free forever.


Alastor Rex Perpetuus Doloris

Christians,You are living your last millenium of light, your final chapter of joy in
God's embraces.Doooggs ! ! You are existings for the last days of your paradise,
but you can already your graves to entomb the world you're live fuckin'in.
The Armageddonic Hordes are ready for a new circle of deastructions.
Soon, all of you will be drown in Hell, by our frantic slaughters.

As ALASTOR's waiting to reap your weak carcass all over by millions!
It's time to bear chaos and pain, to riddle Christians by our pestilences, no chance to survive!
We are allucinated by our hatred and aggressions, the most horribles and hideous
creatures we are in their eyes, in the biggest blood bath we will fight for our desire
to see the seas turns into unpure dirt.
Open the gates of NETZATCH, see the perverted ones riding the dragon to
MALKUTH turning the sun to steelby an eruption never seen!
Open the gates of GEBURAH, and see the triumph raised by our weapons.
Open the skies to ain soph and kick the Christians plagues towards their final judgement!
Substained by NINNAGESH legions, we have to keep a running fight to bring Satanic laws.

SATAN's commandements are our path to eternity, our blood, our life, our breath
for the exterminations of the Messiah.

In the nineth year will come desaster and agony concerning the kingdom of light,
the world will recieve a supreme dominion of terror, a monarchy of crimson


The Lord of silence and melancholy is already here for all of you.
NETZACH, I am your new ruler, HAMIEL die!
NETZACH, I am the dark , PHANIEL die!
NETZACH, I am the usurper, AURIEL died!
ATZILUTH, BRIAH, YESOD, BENAH, KETHER you are ours, eternally!!


Vilkermord, Der Anitgott / Enthroned

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