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Retribution Of The Holy Trinity

Trapped in a bloody infernal storm of dust, my eyes are sharing his Blackness at dawn.
A new solstice is coming, covering the daylight with a dark veil as a funeral curtain on
the childish corpse.
Full of blood, the moon is calling her children, the abomination arrive straight from
the shadowland, where we are standing for the revelations of doom.
Hellish sentinels raise the apocalyptic terror.For our last hours are coming, kings will
be kings our dominion will be set ! ! !

The scripts from the underworld have teached me the unholy prediction of Xul;
the return of the dark empire, my horned lord and his mighty legions shall
pound the earth and celebrate the retribution of the holy trinity Ї !

Gleaming, sharpen iron, jag millions of holy faithfull, blood, guts spreading on the
battlegrounds, screamings of pain when SATAN's hammer is sweeping the holy
kingdom, agony.Yes, agony's stiflin'em hard and slow!
For the end of time we ride the holocaust we fight, we summon Devil's daughter to
copulate, and spread her infectious seeds through the idiotic human race.

Genocide, Humanicide, Infanticide, Christianicide....
Genocide, Humanicide, Infanticide, Christianicide....

The mightyest violence is exected to destroy every Christian birth?
Pounding and shaking and mutilating and raping, corpses blasted, everywhere
decievers tears in blasphemy their desolate planet which they've built in peace and
disgusting love of their ® Jesus-Rat Ї!
They will tear appart the dead white Christ under the flagellations of my tongue,
My black wings stained of blood are sweeping the holy kingdom, in agony under
the commandments of our legions, but just in regards to the retribution of the holy


Retribution Of The Holy Trinity / Enthroned

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