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When Horny Flames Begin To Rise

The Night surrounds the landscape,
from the distand hills rising high towards the sky,
the dungeons of my ancient ruins.

The midnight fullmoon gleams and lights this land forlorn
voices from the past whisper again, remember me,
the slaughtering lord conqueror of my eternal faith.
eight hundred years ago, I've defeated my worst enemy.
Innumerable muslims slaughtered under my darkened empire.
Slayed by our spears, these brothers of Christianity,
will forever regret their shabby invasion...

Impaled and legless. I'll let them remember their acts,
after three days of agony, their heads will be cut and boiled
in an immense cauldron full of tortured souls.
Cruelty towards them was just a game to me!!!

In death I fall, sometimes after the conquering of these lands,
sacrificed myself to SATHANA, my almighty lord.
Who reigns deep down in Acherons flames. I heard him calling me,
on the day of the hundredth eclipse... And now my spirit in hatred
infinty will watch in the twilight kingdom, infernral eclipse's
second centenary has arrived.

Now, I return to the old mention on the distant hills,
in my forlorn landscape of Mosa Mumu,
the horny flames will rise again and again...
Followed by the invincible demons cohort.
I'll take again my worst enemy and the complete fall
of the muslim empire is the goal of my new invasion.
Empuse's army are entering Hajdj with pride, all over, all around,
the shadows of a thousand spears.
is the landscape reaching my eternal wait!!!
All over, all round, the blood of jagged veiled whores.
is thy sign I've seen been waiting to pacify my angering hate.
when horny flames begin to rise...


When Horny Flames Begin To Rise / Enthroned

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