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Dusk Of Forgotten Darkness

Beyond the fields of impurity, across the infernal seas,
stand the land of silent obscurity, the land of Ardennes,
beyond the black gates of the fagnes infinite kingdom whee the perfect
starry sky of night rules.
Funeral winds embrace me, their whispers teach me.
the mystic rituals of damnation.

Follow our way, follow our path.
Spiritual brother in dead's land.
Where the black gate stand,
where hatred spirits were invoked.
Be aware of your demonic convention.

Beyond my land of hate, beyond the seas of frost.
I summon the demons of the pits to deny forever, the Cross of Christ
Desecrate the holy spirit for beyond and beyond...
Oooohh God! See the dusk of HECATE,
the dusk of forgotten souls
SATAN! Father of the dark dawn,
black angel oppressed by the light,
hear our calls!!!

The call of the true worsphippers, summoners of the hatred dusk.
Dusk of the forgotten darkness, warriors with invincible swords.
Hordes of a thousand blades, fighters ofthe divine light.
As dusk of the forgotten darkness rise again...


Dusk Of Forgotten Darkness / Enthroned

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