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 Nocturnus Nocturnusметалл-гуппа

Climate Controller

Lord Addu, master of the earth and sky Kakodammu,
I Call to thee, hearken and remember
Bring forth the mighty storm that this world shall taste your fury

Lord Gibil, keeper of the fire and forge
I call to thee, hearken and remember
Make the swords appear in the sky that all shall feel your might

Commander luggaldimmerankia, master of order Banutukku,
I call to thee, hearken and remember
Deliver the legions of wind demons unto this world that they may seek revenge


I summon thee, creatures of darkness,
By the works of darkness

Climate Controller (the weather dominator)

STORMS – manufacturated to destroy
FIRE – striking down from the sky
WIND – sweeping all rocks and trees aside
LAVA – emerging out of volcanoes
QUAKES – shake the earth to split
DEATH – from the clouds

ARMIES – marching in to their doom
SPIRITS – plundering their very souls
IONS – displaced from deep inside
WEAPONS – of the Gods

Fusion of the ancient ways
With modern tech support
Bringing atmospheric change
Master of climate control

Chanting to the angry gods
Seeding clouds with ice
Causing shifts in ether planes
Master of climste control

Incantation finished as the armies start to charge
Suddenly the air begins to take on many shapes
Demons of the Legion swarm to take revenge
Sheets of blindness tossing every human fool aside

No thing left to count no bodies
Blood stained earth and stone lie scattered

Aftermath of horror sends a message to the globe
Danger to the Empire will result in hells untold
Ripping both the flesh and soul of anyone who tries
To take with force the Realm of the one who rules the skies

Keeping enemy troops in sight high above the fight
Armies destroyed watching with delight
Waiting patiently for an eye to subdue the sky
Counting the dead as they lie in waste


Climate Controller / Nocturnus

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