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 Avulsed Avulsedгруппа, играющая в стиле дэт


Sunk into a beautiful dream
Longer than I've ever been
it is so cool and pleasant
I wish this would never end

I feel warm and comfortable
Even a nice tickling inside of me
Never had this kind of sensations
it's like dreaming with my open eyes

But something weird is going on
it is so real
For some reason i cant move
I'm inside a coffin!!

I ignore why I am here
Perhaps a catatonic state
My family thought i was dead
For how long have i been here?

Now I know what those ticklers are
and that warm feeling
worms are nibbling at my entrails
I'm being eaten alive!!

I want to scream but I have no strength
My lungs are completely devoured
I think my only living organ is my brain
Perhaps they're saving it for dessert

I don't know what I did during my life
To deserve such a painful death
My silent screams of agony
Are tortured moans, music for the worms

I can even smell the stench
Of my own decomposing organs
My arms and legs have disappeared
Soon my corpse will be no more

Wormeaten... wormeaten...
Wormeaten... wormeaten...
Wormeaten... wormeaten...


Wormeaten / Avulsed

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