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Falcon In The Storm

I am sleeping in the dark
There is blackness in my heart
I'm calling to the gods
Gve me the power for my march

Up in the highlands, there's wisdom and silence
Where thunder and wind is in the air
My dpirit was sleeping. Embodied and deepened
Down in an unholy sphere

And now it's been wakened
The montains were shaking
A rumble occurred in the sky
My eyes start to see and my old wounds are bleeding
I know I was sent back to life

Down in the halls I was chained down to the ground
I lost my power
But now these chains broke and I know
This is my hour

I, I am the leader of men and land
I, I am the captain, so I command
Born to be the ruler, they hail my throne
I free the land by the oath that I've sworn
Like a falcon in the storm

I'm setting my black horse to ride on my old course
Down to the fortress I know
The path down the valley, once built like an alley
Is destroyed, but I know where to go

I feel true power, as I see the old tower
It is covered with snow in the storm
As my people now see me. My brothers, my army
They welcome their leader with horns

When the cold winds blows throughout the trees
And the snow is falling down
Than a rider knows his destiny
Because his knows the gods are calling him so loud

Let us ride over the fields of war
Follow me into the night
See the valkiries flying through the stars
Let us win or let us fall to earth with pride


Falcon In The Storm / Majesty

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