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 Razor Razorгруппа, играющая в стиле трэш

Fed Up

Hang your head in shame
Don't wanna hear your name
Say sorry then you do it all again
Your expression tells the tale
Self-sympathy prevails
An asshole I could never call a friend
Fed up with your attitude and fed up with your style
Fed up with your butthead friends and had your smartass smile
Fed up with the goofs I see all throughout downtown Guelph
Fed up with small city life, it makes me wanna ralph
I say things in anger
You take 'em all to heart
You've got no fucking brains
You're not too fucking smart
You're just a little suck
So now go home and cry
To mommy and to daddy
Cause you've got no spine
Let me outta here today
No longer wanna live this way
Gotta leave, I'm getting ill
Can't take much more, I'm gonna kill
Stupid city, like a jail
Fans of thrash will post my bail
Gotta hit the road and rage
Let me out, unlock this cage
Had enough, had enough
Enough to make me sick
Had enough, had enough
Of people wo are thick


Fed Up / Razor

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