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 Razor Razorгруппа, играющая в стиле трэш

Edge Of The Razor

The feel of the blade in my hand
Violence! Violence!
The power to kill any man
Picking my victims and taking revenge
The voices are inside my head
Slicing your jugular, stealing your strength
Won't let up until you are dead
Save your life, hide your wife from my knife: Stand and fight for it
Blood to spill, before I kill test your will: Stand and fight for it
Whaaaaaaaaaa! Possessed by a feeling that's strange
Murder! Murder!
I've gone through a psychotic change
I used to be normal, I used to feel love
But now all I feel is remorse
A victim of lower society
Now nature has taken it's course
All my friends were beaten to death
So now I've gotta even the score
Killing everything I can find
Then I'm gonna kill some more
I know there's a price on my head
They'll hang me for the things that I do
The edge of my razor is sharp
And now I'm gonna use it on you
I'm gonna spread the pain around
Torture! Torture!
Killing's the best thing I've found


Edge Of The Razor / Razor

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