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 Razor Razorгруппа, играющая в стиле трэш


I'm outside every night
I prowl around with hate
Revenge is mine, I will kill
Enforce your bloody fate
I take my time, what's the rush
I've already won
Waiting for the moment
Damage will be done
Lurking outside while you're sleeping
Certain death is slowly creeping
This is real, you're not dreaming
No one hears your morbid screaming
Enforcer: Force ya
God has called your number out
Your dying lets me live
Murder is my only thought
The gift that I must give
You've crossed my path too often
You thought that you had won
I've sentenced you to die in hell
The sentence has begun
Enforcer: your life means nothing to me
Enforcer: I'll waste you and then I'll be free
Enforcer: Regretting that we ever met
Enforcer: You struggle but you've lost the bet


Enforcer / Razor

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