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Slaughter Prophecy

I am the last of the witches
Reborn to take revenge
Faor all those who've been burned alive
Slaughtered by your hands
Women flayed
Broken on the rack
Torture killings in gods' name
Vengeance for the dead

Vengeance – vengeance
I live for revenge

Slaughter prophecy

Destiny be cruel for thee
I strike with spells malign
Disease and plague
Hail and fire
Called forth by my sign
I will not stop 'til you've paid
I'll haunt you to the last
Feel the pain of thousand deaths
Vengeance for the dead

Squeal like a pig in terror
I grasp your soul with hate
I am the nightmare nemesis
Your doom reincarnate
Thirst for blood can't be quenched
Who will laugh at last
I'll revel in your moaning
Your death will not be fast

Sacred Steel

Slaughter Prophecy / Sacred Steel

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