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We Die Fightinhg

Heavy as fuck
We're metal to the bone
Scourge of you hypocrites
United we stand strong
I tell you once again
Our spite you'll get for this
We are your hell on earth
Repay the Judas kiss
Don't you know what waits for you
The mirror shows the final truth
We die
But we die fighting
Death is the way to know the truth
Your lies we shall deface
We'll show the world you're wrong
We'll face you once again in battle
Come along
And if we die we know we fought for our belief
It is now all for one
In victory or defeat
Death shall come for you
The end is drawing near
Our call to arms be heard
We'll stand and fight for truth
In heaven
On earth
Our weapon
Sacred Steel
Now taste the bloodred sword
We sound the battle cry
Be with us metal lords

Sacred Steel

We Die Fightinhg / Sacred Steel

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