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Victory Of Black Steel

The writing's on the wall
The signs are clear for all to see
Your Eden soon shall fall to the victory of black steel
Back from the dead in black
Out of Hel's cold embrace
Rise to the challenge
We are the fist in your face
The force of metal calls
Onward to battle now
Bang all your heads to the power
Enter death row
Torn from chaos
Wings darkening the sky
The horned god is here with us tonight
Up from the grave
A curse to bind you all
His cloven hoof has got you by the balls
A cult in steel reborn
Thou must hail
Our prophecy of slaughter did not fail
In bloodlust we have served the wargods'will
Blessings of iron forged the victory of black steel
Law of the blade of hate
Birth of the iron age
Crawl to your cross
Too late
Face our deathrage
Into the realms of sin
Bow to the force so grim
Black steel our command
Crush the light
Breathe the dark
All ye children bear my mark
All your pain becomes my joy
Those who oppose we shall destroy

Sacred Steel

Victory Of Black Steel / Sacred Steel

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