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Faces Of The Antichrist

Judgement is high
Lord let me die
I wish for death and you know the reason why
Horrors beset a sanity wrecked
I can no longer stand the vile beasts attack

He's in my mind
He's in my dream
Oh lord, he's everywhere
Won't you hear my scream

Satan – in all that is I see his eyes
Evil faces of the antichrist
Satan – all around his kingdom lie
Evil faces of the antichrist (all around me)

I'm bound to sin
Satan within
I need to flog myself before Lord Satan wins
Dare not to think
Dare not to act
Their lore of hell for shure's a curse I must reject

Have mercy
Set me free
Have mercy
Leave me be

I know not joy
I know not peace
For everywhere I sense the labour of the beats
Forgive my sin
I've lost the night
Nearer my god to thee
Bless my suicide

Sacred Steel

Faces Of The Antichrist / Sacred Steel

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