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Open Wide The Gate

The final dawn
I am drawn into the storm
The black gates of the black abyss await
The smoke of burning is rising from the crypt
The cursed torch of my souls' damnation's lit
I am falling towards the onyx citadels
Towering above the sacred city hell
A Pandemonium devoid of wretched light
Enjoy the cold embrace of neverending night
This is what shall come to be
In my vision doom's revealed
I rejoice in sin
Guilty as charged
On the left hand path I walked
Bound and damned
Sent to hell by his command
I am free
I am free
Though I am burning endlessly
Seal my fate
Tyrant lord
Open wide the gate
The dark lord of the black abyss awaits
Chained by sorrow
Up in heaven sing still loyal angels hymns to god their tyrant king
Decrepit leader
May you reign in your despair
You know the time has come to share your treasures fair
Your power's lost when the last soul won't repent
The golden age will rise of our world without end
Hells' gate
They told me that you love me
All I feel is hate

Sacred Steel

Open Wide The Gate / Sacred Steel

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