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Invocation Of The Nameless Ones

Beneath the surface of the dust below the sands
Lies the horror of the ancient ones
Doom of gods and man
In scriptures veiled forbidden lurks the evil incantation
To resurrect the sleeping gods of timeless devastation

Awake the nameless ones – Invoke the nameless

These dreams brought me here
God I don't know what I have gone
I've followed to the voices in my head
They're never gone
There is nothing I can do
The urge to act is far too strong
I speak aloud the invocation of the nameless ones

No – the shadows
Don't you follow to the call
Don't you break the seal of sorrows or the nightmare will befall
Once the creatures have awoken there can be no turning back
They'll bring destruction 'til there's nothing left but black

Back with a vengeance
This time it's victory
Our power is immortal
Your downfall is complete
Absolute annihilation
Perfect genocide
A war to end all wars
Armageddon now is high

Your magic
It is worth nothing is compare
Imprisonment is past now
Your future is despair
You can run for sure
You can not hide
Defy but not defend
The end of life
Our reign of death is finally at hand

Sacred Steel

Invocation Of The Nameless Ones / Sacred Steel

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