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Let The Witches Burn

The hour to strike
Grim faces show resolution by candlelight
Dark figured
Hooded madmen
Prepared to slay
The circle of the witches will soon fall pray

It is the night
The signs are here
It is the night
Come show no fear

Witches burn – witches cry
Witches burn – witches die

Strike with righteous fury
Extinguish the plague
End their unspeakable blasphemies with Christian hate
Then have taken our children
Cursed us with spells
Come join us in the chase
Send them to hell

Burn – let the witches burn – burn the witches

Spare none
Be fast and deadly
Avoid their eyes
Eradicate their wanton deeds that shame our minds
Then trample down
The unpure ashes
Anoint this place
Where we have killed for our lord father
Build a church of praise
Show no fear
Shed no tear

Sacred Steel

Let The Witches Burn / Sacred Steel

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