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 Sacred Steel Sacred Steelметалл-группа

Crush The Holy, Save The Damned

Senseless warning
Useless spell
Well I don't fuckin' fear your tales of hell
Kill the prophets
Impale the saints
Fuck off your weird religion
Only metal reigns

All your truth's only lies
And you will see when you will die
There's no god in disguise
The evil's in your mind

Crush the hole
Save the damned
Rearrange the bastardplan

No second coming
No king of kings
I fuckin' don't believe in salvation or sin
See I am metal
Metal is me
All that I believe in is metal and steel

We're damned but free
They are fools under command
If this means war
Crush the holy save the damned

Sacred Steel

Crush The Holy, Save The Damned / Sacred Steel

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