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Lay Me To My Grave

There is no sadness
There is no pain
There is no sorrow
Nothing's the same
Where I shall go now
There is no grief
No plague and no mourning
Ache or disease
Meet me in heaven or meet me in hell
Meet me in your dreams
Wherever I'll dwell
I am judge and jury
No mercy I have
For the crime of existence I sentence myself to death

All lost or free
The end I see
All doomed or saved
I'll do it
Lay me to my grave

I know there are good things like friendship in life
When killed by betrayal
When truth turns to lie
There is nothing but hate left in a heart without love
In a soul without light
In a man without god
I know there is laughter in the days of the sun
But my skies are grey now
All laughter is gone
When there is no comfort
Nothing left to live for
It is better to set sails
Head onward for death's shore

Let me die
Dead alive
End this pain now

Sacred Steel

Lay Me To My Grave / Sacred Steel

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