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 Sacred Steel Sacred Steelметалл-группа

Raise The Metal Fist

Swim against the flow
Walk against the wind
Meta;'s in your soul
Feel the force within
Bow not to their faith
Bow not to their rules
No sheep amongst the flock
A wolf amongst the fools

Believe in your own vision
It's time you must resist
Now show'em your conviction
Raise the metal fist

Show the world that you love metal
Show the world that you live metal
Show the world that you are metal
Show the world that you're a metalhead

Don't you give a shit about parents and priests
If they tell you that this is the sound of the beast
Decide for yourself
Be your own god no prey
May the wardogs guide you in your dreams on your way

Sacred Steel

Raise The Metal Fist / Sacred Steel

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