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(Chapter XI) Master Of Thy Fate

(Soliloquy of the abandoned Demon-God:)

"I am the thorn in your side! Your fault, your Flesh Divine...
All that you blame on me is what you made me to be!
In your eyes I've grown much too strong... Have I not been your Chosen One ?
(Cursed) Dark Gods CROM and XU! You deny me... I defy you!!!"

"You deny me... I defy you!
You deny me... I DEFY YOU!!!"

(THE WITCH: "Fret ye not, beloved Son... your time is at hand!")

"I have fallen from Grace. You left me behind (and) spat in my face!
(I've suffered your impertinent) Endless, malicious Attack. Believe me, I'm
tired to always fight back...
...So many soldiers I've slain... I had to kill them again and again!!!
I am embittered and sad... may 'STORMHAMMER' lay me forever to rest!"

"This is the end... the end you've planned?
This is my way... TO YOUR DECAY!!!"

(THE WITCH: "Whatever they dare to confront thee with! In the end you will
reign supreme!")

"Now (you) revel in Victory! (Now that) You got rid of me!...
(You've) Crushed me with your Hate! I am the Master of my Fate!
(I was the) Beast of War! Your King of gore!
My Soul you have betrayed! (Nevertheless) I am the Master of thy Fate!!!"

"(With) My backs to the wall. I face the end, proud, standing tall!
(I was) Never a sheep in your flock! I am my Master, (my) King and my God!
Forever fool and enslave all those who hail you, sing and give praise...
(You) Can't stand my Courage and Course... I broke your Rules! Yes!!! I broke
your Laws!!!"

"(You are the) Master of thy Fate... Master...
Master of thy Fate... Master...
Master of thy Fate... Master...
Master of thy Fate... Master..."

(THE TYRANT KING: "Come and take me to the Bowels of Cythraul, Ceridwen, mother
in Death...")

Sacred Steel

(Chapter XI) Master Of Thy Fate / Sacred Steel

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