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See Thru All


"...You wanna know what my problem is?

Alone, I walk beside myself

Alone, you put me on your shelf

Alone, with my insanity

Alone, no one to blame but me

But if you had told me when I was much younger

That life has a way of pulling you right under

I wouldn't be standing here preaching my hate

I stand at the edge staring into my fate


I see thru you

What makes you think that you're god

Pick up the pieces as I fall apart

Why must you fuck with me

Betrayed, You left me here for dead

Betrayed, By the voices in my head

Betrayed, left my out in the rain

Betrayed, nothing left but pain

I'm sick of the answers

Your cannibal instincts and false dedications

You leave me here cold, nothing left but my shell

To die while I'm living and burn in my hell


I pick you apart little by little

Till nothing is left but the look on your face

Once inside our I can get at what's inside

Beneath your facade I can see your disgrace

The walls that you build up will crumble around you

The pain you will feel as you wither away

The sun though it comes up will warm you...

No longer


See Thru All / Staind

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