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the lights are on but you're not home

you've drifted off somewhere alone

somewhere that's safe,

no questions here

a quiet place where you hide from your fears


sometimes when you're out of rope

the way to climb back up's unclear

the walls you build around yourself

i guess they also keep you there

are you afraid of what they thing?

whoever "they" happen to be

or are you hiding from the scars of your own reality?

so you sedate and drown in vain

you've got a pill for every day

a suit and tie to mask the truth

its ugly head is starthing to show through



the monster you're feeding,

your lack of perception

the things you will do

to fullfill addictions

the light at the end of your tunnel is closing

what is it that you're so afraid of exposing?

you'd give it all up for what's there for the taking

whatever it takes to keep your hands from shaking

the same things you're thinking might make you feel better

the same things that probably get you here




Reality / Staind

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