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(Chapter IX) Sacred Warriors Of Steel

[track-original]the Wicked Sign!
The Treasures gleam, (and as foretold in the Prophecy[/track-original]

I am the Warlord and the
Their rotten shapes take form and in the Fog they do appear!"

"Immortal souls of Warrior-Kings of Times long gone
Stand side by side with Brothers living, proud and strong!
Where Death has failed, Damnation's Claws of Hell await
We march as one for Victory. THE CARNAGE SHALL BE GREAT!!!"

(And the ELDER GODS watch the disregard of their Authority in disapproval!
Weaving Aeon-spanning Spells of Annihilation and Despair to crush the arrogant

Sacred Steel

(Chapter IX) Sacred Warriors Of Steel / Sacred Steel

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