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 Staind Staindрок-группа

Just Go

I'm kinda numb

It's so distorted

You've left me here with

This damage that you've caused

My tortured faces

Those fucked up places

In my memories

None of them I've lost


I haven't been here long enough to know

Every time I feel this I just loose control

Such a cancer on the face of everything that's beautiful

I wish that this would just go

It's kinda sick

I feel so dirty

It's kinda tragic

I'm kinda insecure

But I know

That I'm not the only

One that can fix

Whatever's wrong I'm sure


I feel so numb

From all I've become

I'll take you down

I feel so down

I'm water while you drown

You're lifted while I'm down

I'm cancer in your womb

I'm the needle in your spoon



Just Go / Staind

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