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A Flat

Trust in me can't trust

I know, I don't believe it

All my life so scarred

What for, you can't conceive it

Everything you fear

I'll be, you couldn't live it

I whisper in your ear

So loud, why can't you hear it

I'm OK

All my faith is gone

You think, I couldn't find it

Pieces falling down

Shattered, nothing behind it

In my mind alone

Lost here, I'm separated

Crawl deeper in my hole

Safe here, from what I've hated

All the demons in my head won't leave me

I know, I can hear them

All the sacrifices made for nothing

Don't show, can't believe in

Wanna show you that I'm good for something

I can't, you won't let me

All your artificial words won't heal me

Because you can't accept me

And I hate myself

And I hate my face

And I hate my world

And I hate my ways

I'm not OK

I'm OK


A Flat / Staind

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