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Trapped In Hell

Preparing virgin sacrifice
she"s lying awake
the fear of dying in her eyes
trapped in hell
there"s no salvation
whispered screams
turning to cries of deep frustration

He will take your mind
your life is in his hands
now watch the dagger rise
beginning of the end

Altar stained with crimson life
her blood is spilled to call forth
Lucifer to rise
Drowning in pain desperation
awaiting death
and everlasting hell damnation

Priest of evil
chanting praise again
maiden victim
die by his command

Dark and grim nightmare
this vision seems so real
in his demonic lair
you"re in for the kill
giving holy blood
killing helpless prey
Satan is your god
and death the price to pay

Priest of evil
chanting praise again
maiden victim
now she burns in hell

A bride for those who dwell
in the flames of hell
a whore for those who fell
maiden trapped in hell

Sacred Steel

Trapped In Hell / Sacred Steel

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