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Of Light And Shade

Indifference surrounds me
Yet my heart is secure
The shadows grow stronger
Yet my spirit is protected
Observing the extreme absurdities
Still my heart can't be moved

I can rest in the loser's haunt
For the Victorious has filled the void inside
I can wander by the source of hell
For the Lord of all lives in me
In these circumstances I dwell

Thank God, In Him I am not a part of this
My inspiration, Giver of Life

I want to shine, radiate Your presence
I want to show them the warmth of truth
That You showed me
So they can understand
Who You are and why I worship You

Even if my life should end
In the valley of the shadows
My spirit will exist in a new dimension
Forever with Him, my Father


Of Light And Shade / Extol

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