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Victims Of Sacrifice

On the night the ritual begins
Unholy terror, deadly sin
The witching hour is growing near
The stroke of midnight, the strike of fear
With sacred knife held tight in your hand
The maiden lies beneath where you stand
Mystic chants command you this night
She's a Victim of Sacrifice
Witches burn in Hell
Dead men don't live to tell
Of tortures and evil rights
They're Victims of Sacrifice
We are the Victims burned at the stake
All of the innocent died in your place
Black magic rules the deep within your heart
I'll take your soul and I'll tear it apart
Crosses mark the space
Where terror took it's place
Witches rule the night
When evil takes its bite
You are the sinner, you are the fool
You have the power to break the rules
Your day is coming you wait and see
You'll burn in fire like the others and me
Walk into the circle candles at your feet
Resurrected now submission is weak
I'll raise the dead whose blood you'll drink
Ya now it's too late now... later than you think
The nearer you get to Hell
Witches cast their spells
The chosen pay the price
Like Victims of Sacrifice


Victims Of Sacrifice / Exciter

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