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Walking Down A Road (P Judd, T Finn) 5:24

Walking down a road hedged with roses

Time stands still forever

Somewhere in the shadows hiding

Sits an old man laughing (hahahaha)

Talking to the wind I drank the beauty

I found no time to count the hours

Even though I do my best

Sometimes I get to thinking

But it really don't amount to much...no

Window shades are securely drawn

Childish patter is heard no more

Papers left strewn upon the lawn

And there's nobody home next door, no-one

Was that, what you meant?

When you said I, I should stay at home

Was that, what you thought?

When I left you on your own

Woah woah-woah woah

Da la da, da la da, da la da

la la la...

I turned to my guide but just as I feared

The preaching began so I...disappeared

To a tiny door with a golden sign

That magic place of great renown

Only lines on our four dead minds(?)

Only rags for our blinds

You know that bare boards and paper walls

They don't make any sense

When there's only

Time to kill

Split Enz

Walking Down A Road (P Judd, T Finn) 5:24 / Split Enz

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