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History Never Repeats

(N Finn) - Waiata



History never repeats

I tell myself before I go to sleep

Don't say the words you might regret

I've lost before you know I can't forget

There was a girl I used to know

She dealt my love a savage blow

I was so young, too blind to see

But anyway that's History

I say [chorus]

You say I always played the fool

Well I can't go on, if that's the rule

Better to jump than hesitate

I need a change and I can't wait


History never repeats

I tell myself before I go to sleep

And there's a light shining in the dark

Leading me on towards a change of heart


History never repeats, history never repeats

Deep in the night it's all so clear

I lie awake with great ideas

Lurking about in no-man's land

I think at last I understand


Never repeats!...

Hey.... Hey....

Never repeats!

And I say, that's all

Remember til the next time

[all?:] thank you!

won't you stay, stay a while with my own one

one more day, one more day with my own ones

this old world, is so cold, don't care nothing for your soul

you share with your own ones...

Haul away, haul away, heave away, haul away, haul away, heave away


this file compiled by Douglas Davey (its_dld@waikato.ac.nz), April 4 1995.

Split Enz

History Never Repeats / Split Enz

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