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6 Months In A Leaky Boat

When I was a young boy,

I wanted to sail round the world,

That's the life for me,

Living on the sea.

Spirit of a sailor,

Circumnavigates the globe,

The lust of a pioneer,

Will acknowledge no frontier.

I remember you by

Thunder clap in the sky,

Lightning flash, tempers flare,

Round the Horn if you dare.

I just spent 6 months in a leaky boat,

Lucky just to keep afloat.

Ay-o-ay, ay-o-ay, ay-o-ay.

Aotearoa, rugged individual,

Glisten like a pearl,

At the bottom of the world.

The tyranny of distance,

Didn't stop the cavalier,

So why should it stop me,

I'll conquer and stay free.

Ah, c'mon all you lads,

Let's forget and forgive,

There's a world to explore,

Tales to tell back on shore.

I just spent 6 months in a leaky boat,

6 months in a leaky boat.

Ay-o-ay, ay-o-ay, ay-o-ay.

Repeat verse 1

Split Enz

6 Months In A Leaky Boat / Split Enz

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