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 Exmortem Exmortemгруппа, играющая в стиле дэт

Deeds Of Hatred

Deeds of hatred and treachery
Mankind haunted by demons

A period of bitter and unrelieve cold
The mighty winter
For three years no summer came
To free men of their suffering

Mounting fire and smoke
Rising to the stars
Intense coldness and ice storms
Doomed to destruction

A flood will overwhelm the earth
One ship will sail
Build on the uncut nails of the dead

Evil omens are heard
Major vulcanic eruption
Disasters from below
Catastrophic destruction

Mans mortal weakness
A reign of flesh
Fires dominate
Streams of blood will flow

Surt alone is left alive
To fling fire over earth and heaven
As the earth sink beneath the waves

Pursued by demons hatred and treachery


Deeds Of Hatred / Exmortem

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