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 Exmortem Exmortemгруппа, играющая в стиле дэт

Berzerker Legions

Spheres of doom blast
Berzerker legions are gathered here
Waiting for a new age
Three winters will show their coming

Born through an ice ages blast
Demonic winter race
Anger is present in their empty eyes
Fires dominate the landscape

Frigid storms and devastating raids
They are unconquerable
Frigid seas and devastating raids

The bloodswords are horned and thirsty
(Thirsty) As the faded souls of hell
The linked is growling
But soon grimding!

Runes imprinted in our skin
Northern magic surround us
Asa demons showing the way
Berzerker legions on all sides

Paralized demonized
Slip into the abyss...


Berzerker Legions / Exmortem

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