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 Edenbridge EdenbridgeАвстрийская рок-группа

Move Along Home

In this illusive game
Latent worlds are waiting just for you
So won`t you join?
Don`t ponder over things that might be new

It`s stronger than a vivid dream
It is the venture you esteem
The art of make-believe
When holding life in your own hand
And there is no way to withstand
Unravel what deceives

So where are you now?
When there ain`t no key
To doors so unknown in this reality
Your aim out of sight
What`s wrong and what`s right
Is this never-ending?
(way out)
Way out of, we move along home
(way out)
Way out of, we move along home

It`s do or die
Does someone play with loaded dice in here?
One withering glance
Can lure into the trap that`s lurking near

Beware of getting tripped up blind
And strange encounters of third kind
A galanty show
It was a close shave overall
So make a graceful exit`s fall
Back to reality


Move Along Home / Edenbridge

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