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 Edenbridge EdenbridgeАвстрийская рок-группа


The night is drawing on but all the strain not told on him
And he won`t fall into the sleep of the just
To be a tumbler or a lonesome intruder
He is as good as gold and searching for trust

(be), to be the harlequin who shines in dead gold
To kill those idle thoughts about this stronghold
(see), see the evening star in this sunset glow
Sailing the splendour ships straight on the port bow

Strike the sands of ever
The lingering sound of dreams
In harsh reality
Turn over a new leaf
Ardently desired
And forever

(shine), it fired his imagination so far
And he gave rise to hope
(shine), this true ring of conviction will leave a scar
(to) the dancer on a rope
(shine), so where`s the difference between man and machine?
And who will draw the line?
(shine), the game is worth the candle, always been
May all the ways then shine

Sometimes he`s worlds apart and elsewhere lies his dream
And he won`t never shift the blame on you
Sometimes a parting kiss speaks louder than action
When life turns suddenly like a bolt from the blue

(he), he`s not the silver slave supposed to be
He`s on the rise to fame out of this tragedy
(free), so now the odds are even, literally true
There is no limit to it all, there is no taboo

Don`t clip those wings of a flying
When wearing your heart on your sleeve
But still there is life among dying
The far cry off and make-believe

In this palatial hallway
Should all be null and void?
Between the tricks of fortune
In years that he enjoyed
He is the one enigma
High-flown beneath the sun
Is he the last resort?
When future has begun


Shine / Edenbridge

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