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In The Veins _ Darker Than Black

(...eye can see you)
Look into my eyes, what do you see?
I'm not man, I am no demon.
I color you red, my murder's fuckin' art son of the dead.
I was never born.
I send you back to pre-birth.
Beyond this life you shall dwell
I'm your fuckin' saviour suffer my everlasting pain.
Don't even think about dying, you poor excuse of a human being,
in the veins of evil, black blood flow eternally.
This sabbath of sickness; proves my soul"s bizarr.
The master of morbidity, my cuts don"t leave scars.
Endless temptation to sicken the blessed, I swallow your heart as I carve in your flesh...
In your flesh!
Born of the dead, I am blasphemy.
I'll end your fantasies, save you from mankind just like lambs to the slaughter.
God made you blind, darker than black.
I am the serpent of Eden...
I've tasted the herbs of lust and desire.
I am no enemy, I drain you of life and leave you in fire...
In the veins.

Edge Of Sanity

In The Veins _ Darker Than Black / Edge Of Sanity

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