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Psalm 2 "Celestial Dissension"

The further side, a confounded lie, panegyration a reunion of riddles?
The sorrow, the funeral truth, mentally fraud wih pseudo relics,
enigma, unholy, ungodly, commander of the regeneration.
Insidious and caught, implored by disgrace.
The burial of man
Unify all evil.
Deep inside, the unknown quest, the sphere is so depressed,
a harp with broken strings, and the ground,
this mazy world do still exist,
the ghouls arise from the mist.
Renascent through the holy scripture, submission to what for us is illusion.
From the tenebrous depths of history, who will divulge the mystery.
Unguiculated, unholy, ungodly, commander of the regeneration,
insidious and caught, implored by disgrace, inhumation...
The burial of man, comfession...
Unify all evil.

Edge Of Sanity

Psalm 2 "Celestial Dissension" / Edge Of Sanity

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