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Psalm 1 "The Blessing"

[The Priest:]
Confess your sins to God, don"t be afraid.
Just like me of flesh and blood you"re made.
I can heal your wounds and cleanse your soul,
but never return all those lives you stole.
[The Witch:]
"You can burn in hell"
[The Preacher]
God gives you shelter at heavens shore,
abandon your thoughts to the mighty.
Into the chapel of holyness, live for the sacred empire,
engender the Enigma.
[The Unorthodox]
Sacerdotal majesty, a recreant nonentity?
Do you remember when you said.
[The Priest]
I can heal the dead.
[The Unorthodox]
Paroxysmal ecstacy, dementia or deity?
Sapless you are crawling, to confess
your sins?

Edge Of Sanity

Psalm 1 "The Blessing" / Edge Of Sanity

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