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Impulse To Disembowel

Back again to kill and gut
I crave intestine
Fist-fucked reduced to a stump
Kill – all

Skinless body
Naked hanging
Blood as draining
Carving, killing
Swollen beauty
Holes appearing
Brutalizing, convulsing
Skinned and greasy
Still breathing
Anal carving
Holes are oozing
Slit your throat – deep
Off cane your head
Pulled out the guts
Right through your fucking neck!

Don't think I give a fuck about your life or religion
I don't fucking care about the world you fucking live in

Injecting bleach into your eyes – body starts to quiver
Spilled your guts onto the flor – consume the fecal dralnage

Liver withered – appendix punctured, pancreatic explosion
Knife scraping spinal bone
Like nalls on a chalk board

The pigs the want to lock me up
But the still don't know who I am
I leave a trall of blood and guts – cold Impulse to disembowel

Six Feet Under

Impulse To Disembowel / Six Feet Under

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