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Say You Will

Lost your mind when I made you mine Now we see eye to eye

Rolled dead thoughts and smoked them blind

Still roll them and roll them still

I will consume you, I will soon own you

I am the prize in your game

The victor and loser too

Say you will, say you will

Say you'll always be there to hold me

Say you will, say you'll forgive me

Well I've got my thoughts inside you

The need to pull them through

You know I'll never hurt you

Yesterday but tomorrow will

I'm wrapped inside you, i'm wrapped around you

I am the disease in your veins

Yesterday and tomorrow still

I'll pick up all your pieces

Puzzle heart your missing 2

Force them into the wrong places

Act like you want me to

I'll let you meet all my faces

And yet hide the real me from you

I'll show you everything that I

Everything that I want me to

I am inside you, I am around you

I am the disease in your veins

Still you say you will


Say You Will / Soil

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