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Love Hate Game

I keep your face deep inside, try to hide

All my memories bring you up again, up again

I keep a place deep inside try to hide you

All my hate speaks your name again, name again

Love, hate, game

Sinner, saint, same

Don't you recall what you did to me

Look at me now

Don't you remember what you've done to me

Look at me

I wish my pain onto you, all onto you

All the anger that you've spun in me, spun in me

Your mark was deep oh so true, shame on you

My mistrust was all from you, all from you


1, 2 a million words for you

You are so perfect

Every time I swear I curse you

You're so damn faceless

With every look you drew me in

You were so perfect

Your games wore thin so says,

I keep my pain deep inside try to hide you

All your words bring me, bring me down again

You're a sinner, You're a saint, We ain't the same


Love Hate Game / Soil

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