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Altruistic Suicide

Morse code, signal of surprising prime
Through fields of dreams and primal crime
No rest, no fear
The slaughter meets his victim
Return to the core and finish what they started

Offensive strike, first class of content
Balance and perfection
Who is what and what are they?
Relentless punishment
Troops of doom versus victims of war
Seeds of rebellious vice

Artificial humanoid, I grant thou misery
Occasion, or just a state of mind
Obstruction of the mindless few

Altruistic suicide
Demise by idol cruelty

Imitant this ignorant type
Shiver and shien, revelation of the chained mind
Philospher and beast are caged with fright
Bounded by their own suicide

Offensive list set the world of fire
Enchained by this demonic vicious liar
Masters and their henchmen walk around the dead
Killed by dreams, the trap is set

To end this war, engage and dominate
Enthrall the beast
Ensure the summoning
Emperor and king, behold the reckoning
Intention verified
Empire falls, empiris truth
What does this mean for tenacious youth?
Raise the sword and swear the oath
Situation stigmatized

Precursor of precision preferred to be forgotten
Altruistic suicide
No waste of ammo, no waste of precious tools
Altruistic suicide


Altruistic Suicide / Sinister

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