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I Believe In You

[Latoiya Williams]

I'm so glad that you believe in me like I believe in you

This love's exactly how I picture... (how I picture)

It's such a joy when I receive all that I need in you

We're flowing smooth just like a river... (like a river)

Express my true

When, I make love to you... (to you)

Just like that day back in September

If we might run in some problems

I know you'll see me through

There's nothing for you I wont do

Cause I believe in you... (you)

Oh I believe in you... (you)

[Snoop Dogg]

And I believe in you too

See can't nobody make me do what you do

I mean I'm so in love with you... (boo)

I never thought a girl could make me

Take me

To a whole new world

Re-shape me, love me, hate me


We ain't been fussing or fighting

You play all day and I be working at night and

The only one who understands my life and

The cake and the icing

These other girls

In the world

Live their life so trifling

I couldn't do it no more

I had to sit you down

And make you my wife and... (yaa)

Cold thing

But you know

It's a cold gain... (goal gain)

It's so real

I had to bless you with my last name... (last name)

Slowed me down

Straight took me out the fast lane... (fast lane)

Hold me down

Come on baby

Watch me do this thing... (do it)

I been crowned king

So I guess that means you're my queen

You have my seeds

Lets go ahead and raise this team

It's so special

You're all I ever need

[Latoiya Williams]

I'm feeling good and my baby's home

You're spending time

Holding hands

To this beat

The fellow that can satisfy my every need

Is he the one?

Снуп Догг

I Believe In You / Снуп Догг

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