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Whats My Name

featuring Nate Dogg Dat Nigga Daz Tray Deee Bad A$$

Intro: [Bad A$$]

I got the black senator (Ho ho ho)

I want a Super Nintendo (Merry Christmas)

Yeah (?) yeah Street Fighter 2 all these games

Verse 1: [Daz]

It's 12.30 AM Christmas Eve

I'm out with the gangstas and thieves

Celebratin' postin' up with eggnog it'll forfill my cup

(?) all the most little gangbangin' and causin'

Not about but be careful for the heart,

because it's posin'

Some stay to day that Christmas ain't nothing but another day

But, out of respect for God,

give the Lord his day

Tell me, tell me,

where do the homies and bumps have to sleep (Nowhere)

Where do hungry and needy-greedy's got to eat

(But who cares?)

Life is so, usually cold

That's fourth for the children

In this world their hopes and dreams can't afford

(?), these little things

Heard throughout the ghetto which has gangstas and dope-fiends, huh

Cause those who ain't able get it and I could finally get it

Just the ghetto Santa Claus sprinkled hood

and now we ballin', livin' to a new year

A better thang, celebrate with some Champagne, ha ha

Check it

Chorus: [Nate Dogg]

Santa Claus, is coming straight to the ghetto

Bridge: [Snoop]

Now on the first day of Christmas my homeboy gave to me

A sack of the crazy blue-a-tone and smoke it up, floss it up

Now on the second day of Christmas my homeboy gave to me

A bit of hendog to probably take my mind off that weed

Now by the third day of Christmas my big homeboy gave to me

A whole lot off everything, but it was not a gang to me

Verse 2: [Bad A$$]

Bad, can you walk up to the sound -ac

Снуп Догг

Whats My Name / Снуп Догг

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