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Pimp Slap

[DJ E-Z Dick]

W-Balls, it's your main man DJ E-Z Dick

About to unleash another one of those platnum plus hits

And the word is on the streets, and the word is the streets

We gon go to a live remote, licking wit my main man Mr Doggy Dogg

[Snoop Dogg]

A day in the life, of a Rollin 20 Crip

Im just a stuburn type of fella with a head like a brick

And just because I sip Moet, they say that I'm hopeless

But I don't give a fuck, so blame it on the loc'ness

Now this is how we do it when we checking the grip

Snoop Dogg is in this bitch, so don't even trip

I bust a funky composition that's smooth as a prism

Now check it as I kick off in this funky ass rhythm

It's six dub, the phone is ringing off the deck

And it's some homies talking about I disrespected they set

Aww nah, Dogg aint this y'all

I got couple relatives up off of Crenshaw

This is about me and Simon, not me and y'all

I got love for a bunch of real B-Dogs

Like K-Dub, Top Cat, B-Reel, E-Rock, Boo-Lay Face

And the homie Har'ron rest in peace

Big Jay from Cappinella Park

He used to blaze with his nephew after dark

On and on, rocking big neck bone

Mauseberg I had to put you on my song

It's so real, I had show some love

Now back to the scrub, it aint about Crip or Blood

It's about you being jealous bout what I does

Cos I does it the most, the King of The Coast, in a Pink Plaint Pos

I back ya down like Shack Daddy, and bust on ya out the new Caddy

And skirt up Wiltshire Boulevard

I'm not Xzibit, you can't pull my hoe card

I fucked all your groupies, when you was doing time and kept Snoopy

With the fags

Снуп Догг

Pimp Slap / Снуп Догг

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