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Hourglass ft. Goldie Loc, Mr. Kane

[Snoop Dogg]

Awww yeah

This one goes out to all you muthafuckers out there

That didn't think we could make records that could bang in the club

Ya that's right

All you ladies out there with the big butts

with the long hair, the big titties, the pretty eyes

Report to the dance floor right about now

[Snoop Dogg]

Wiggle it round c'mon down

Doggy-d-o-double's in town

I know you wanna get down

So why you lookin' at me like that

Bitch break that shit down

I wanna make your kitty cat growl

I wanna hit it get it right now

So what you playin' with it for

Back it up slow move it around and dance to the flow

Now put your hands on the floor (c'mon)

C'mon on and gimme some more

It's crazy but baby that maybe we gonna fuck in a man's mercedes

Bitch I ain't that loco

Fuckin' with a broke hoe

Get a nigga smoked tho, no-no, na-na, nae-nae

She got a whole bunch of kids like baby

Listen what the pimper say

[Goldie Loc]

I want you to be what I want you to be

You can hump with me that's what I want you to be

I want you to be what I want you to be

You can hump with me that's what I want you to be

[Mr. Kane]

I slap bitches in the face and give em Jay-Z lips

Make them sign their life off so they can pay me chips

I cut hoes so much I should sell band aids

Give bitches sandwiches with handmade mayonnaise

I put bitches on the stroll hall

Plus I control hoes like remote control suped remote controlled cars

Code blow hoe on 'em like the internet

Got my dick in her neck and ain't even took her to dinner yet

Fuck that I ain't taken her to dinner

I'll bring her to a diner get behind

Снуп Догг

Hourglass / Снуп Догг

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