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Tha Doggfather

I put down more hits than mafioso made

And Lucky Lucianno 'bout to sing soprano

And I know I know the way you feel

And baby bubba we gon' keep it on tha real

Just to get you caught up in amazement

We puffin' on Cubans so it might get dangerous

But when it isn't you can sit izzon bizzack

And let the Bizzow Wizzow ride the trizzack ha ha

How you feelin'? I'm up to dealin' ridin' like a villan

Makin' a killin', thrillin' the crowd wit my new hairdo,

Outfits unused, fifty dollar socks, hundred-thousand dollar shoes

Man, I'm givin' blues to these sucka MC's

Who you be? You know who I be, young nigga

I'm Tha DoggFather


Snoop Doggy Dogg is Doggy Dogg Father (Father)


Let's make a move for this paper (Where we rollin' Dogg?)

We got's ta get paid (Makin' money all ya'll)

I mean I steps to tha stage in my G-boy stance

And say a few rhymes to make your girl wanna dance

I'm so fly like a dove

I come from up above

You trippin' on your girl cause she showed me love

Nigga don't beat em, cause if you beat em, you don't need em

You lay your hands on me, watch how fast I take your freedom

I delete em, but don't mistreat em

I stay up on em, and that's one ta grow on,

Let me flow on

You can rock to tha rythme you see

or you can rock to tha rythme of me

Just remember when you do your thang,

Make sure you do your thang on a hang

And everythang, is everythang

There ain't no mo' than this paper chase

Like them white-boy DA's was on tha case

You know I ain't tryin' ta floss, but uh,

(Murder, murder, murder) was the case that they lost

I'm Tha DoggFather


Now, do anybody in tha house remember

When there wasn't no Snoop Dogg? (Hell yeah!)

There wasn't no rappers hollin' 'bout LBC

Am I trippin' ya'll? (Hell no!)

Now, when I grow up, I wanna be like Snoop

Have prestigious women

That's the truth from the begining

In and out of the flyest hotels

You say your family don't know me

Hold on hommie, that's formost and promos

Sales, tails, scales and jails

Success before death

No one in my clique fails

As females with the almighty Father lead

Succeedin' ta give my peep's just what they need

And it ain't no party like this kind,

Cause you can leave your worries behizzind

But I'ma git back to tha grizzind

Snoop D-O double G comin' back for mizzine and

I'm tha DoggFather

Chorus (Repeat until fade out

Снуп Догг

Tha Doggfather / Снуп Догг

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